Form GA Petition for Divorce
Form GA Petition for Divorce

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What Is Form GA Petition for Divorce


In the State of Georgia, if a spouse wishes to end their marriage, a Petition for Divorce must be filed in the Superior Court. The form should be filled out by a spouse who wants to start the divorce process, or a hired attorney can perform this task and in the future they will represent the spouse in court.

The Divorce Petition Form aims to outline the details of a couple’s marriage, its duration, whether they have children, child support, insurance, property, debts, what is the most important - reasonable and legally acknowledged grounds for divorce.

Is Georgia Divorce Form accompanied by other forms?

It is mandatory that the Petition for Divorce should be supported by the list of documents that should proof or contest the statements made by the other party. However, the number and type of supporting documents differ from one case to another. There is a list of all possible documents that can be requested on the 6th page of the fillable Petition Form. Also, if available, the Separation Agreement should be presented.

When is Divorce Petition due?

Georgia Petition for Divorce Form does not have or require meeting certain time limitations. It is used when needed.

How do I fill out?

A spouse filling out the divorce papers should provide the following information:

  • Petitioner and Respondent
  • Marriage details
  • Children
  • Custody or visitations
  • Children`s address of residence
  • Children`s health and life insurance
  • Marital property
  • Joint debts
  • Grounds for divorce

Where do I send?

The completed Divorce Petition must be delivered to the Supreme Court for consideration and a copy must also be sent to the spouse - a respondent to the case.